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Diabetes is a severe condition that can affect your life. In fact, diabetes can increase your risk of other harmful conditions such as gum disease. Keeping your smile healthy is essential, and in doing so, you could be helping protect your smile from other conditions like diabetes.

Our dentist, Dr. Paul Agyekum with Ryan-Eight Mile Family Dentistry in Detroit, Michigan, is happy to help you take care of your smile. If you have diabetes, be sure to let your dentist know so we can give you the best care possible.

Here are some factors about the oral health connection to diabetes:

  • Did you know your dentist can provide specific treatments to keep your smile safe if you are suffering from diabetes? It’s true! Because of this, be sure to let your dentist know if you are suffering from diabetes.
  • Diabetes can lead to a downturn in saliva production in your mouth. Less saliva in your mouth increases your risk for dry mouth, which is a known risk factor for tooth decay and gum disease.
  • A known symptom of diabetes is delayed recovery time with your body healing itself. If you have diabetes, your mouth will not heal as fast from oral health care treatments or procedures.
  • Several complications exist between diabetes and your oral health, so make sure you keep your blood sugar balanced and avoid unhealthy foods in your diet and poor oral hygiene tactics.

Taking care of your smile can be simple with proper oral hygiene habits and a regular trip to your dental office. If you need further assistance with your oral health, or if you have questions about your smile, please us today at 313-891-1900 to set up an appointment. We are always happy to assist you.