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If you would like to enhance your smile with a tooth restoration that will not alter the look of your smile, consider a tooth-colored restoration such as a composite dental filling. If you are suffering from cavities and need to have them treated, a composite filling can be placed to enhance your oral health and the natural look of your teeth. This treatment option is extremely effective, as it will help treat your smile without altering its look.

Composite dental fillings have numerous benefits. Not only are they tooth-colored in appearance but they can even be designed to match the size of the cavity, even microscopic cavities. Another key benefit of composite fillings is the fact that they can be repaired and replaced many times without ever having to remove the original filling.

Choosing a composite dental fillings means that you choose a durable restoration that can last up to ten years. Dental fillings in general are known for being extremely beneficial in sealing the margins of a tooth, which is essential to ensure that no bacteria will get through to cause further damage your tooth. Composite dental fillings fulfill this requirement in a highly effective way. Composite fillings are also mercury-free, so you do not have to worry about your filling compromising your health.

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