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As the holiday season kicks off with Halloween, be sure to exercise caution with the treats you consume to avoid damage to your smile. Avoid candies and sweets that can easily damage your teeth, including those with high amounts of sugar, which can contribute to tooth decay. Listed below are a few candies to avoid this season:

– Be careful when biting into popcorn balls, as they can chip your teeth or get lodged between them.
– Sugary fruit drinks can be extremely acidic and contain excessive amounts of sugar. Try to avoid fruit drinks.
– Exercise caution with hard candies that can chip or crack your teeth.
– Sour candy should be avoided as it encompasses a wide range of oral health risks, including cavities and enamel erosion. The dangers of sour candy arise due to its extreme acidity, which in some cases is nearly the same as battery acid.
– Sticky candy has been known to linger on your teeth long after consumption. Sweets and treats such as caramels and taffy can be difficult to wash away and contribute to an increased risk of dental erosion.

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