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When you think about your dental hygiene, do you just think about your teeth? If so, you may not be the only one. But truth be told, dental hygiene and health can encompass each and every part of your mouth. Today, we would like to help you get a better understanding of your tongue.

It is made up of a group of muscles that is covered in mucous, but the tip of your tongue may be the most mobile part and has the most nerve endings. That last fact alone could explain why it can be so distressing to bite your tongue. The bumps that you can see on the surface are called lingual papillae, and there are four different kinds: circumvallate, fungiform, foliate and filiform. Three of them can help you taste foods, while the fourth may help you feel the texture of it.

Because your tongue is a strong muscle, it may require a steady blood supply to be able to function. There is an artery that goes through your tongue and splits into three branches. This is one reason why, if you are considering it, Dr. Paul Agyekum might advise against getting a tongue piercing.

There are also millions of bacteria that live on your tongue, some of them could be good or bad for you, which may be another reason not to seek a piercing. Our dentist can recommend that you add brushing your tongue to your dental hygiene routine and we could give you more details about that at your next appointment.

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